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Living space: 0 m²
current net cold rent: 0
allowable upper rent limit: 0

The rent is not increased.

The rent is inflated

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Calculation of the maximum allowable net cold rent per m²  EUR per m²

Year built: 
• The apartment has central heating
• The apartment has a bathroom
• Das Haus hat weniger als drei Wohnungen
• The building has more than two apartments
modern fitout:
The apartment has a barrier-free (flush), accessible passenger lift
• The apartment has a fitted kitchen
• The apartment has a high-quality bathroom fitout
• The apartment has high-quality flooring
The apartment has an energy consumption value below 120 kWh/m²a
Housing location: 
The apartment was modernised after 18/06/2019
allowable exceedance of maximum 20 %
Maximum upper limit for existing tenancies
current net cold rent per m²


Contact your landlord first, inform them of the result of your calculation and ask them for a response and reduction in rent. If discrepancies or problems occur and if you want to receive a binding assessment of your rent under § 5 MietenWoG Bln, please notify the competent authority, the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing.

Please note that you will not lose any claims if you report your case after 23/11/2020. Wait for the landlord to respond to your concerns, the reduction will always be calculated from 23/11/2020.

to the application


Please reduce the rent with effect from 23/11/2020, because as a landlord, you have all the necessary information to perform this calculation correctly. There is no direct legal obligation arising out of the MietenWoG Bln, for you to inform your tenants about the eligibility of their rent for a reduction. But please bear in mind that demanding or accepting a rent higher than is allowed under the provisions of the MietenWoG Bln is penalised with a fine in accordance with § 11 Paragraph 1 Number 4 MietenWoG Bln. The rent must be reduced from 23/11/2020. It is therefore in your own interest to inform your tenants about how much they have to pay and from when. According to the usual arrangement in tenancy agreements, the rent for November 2020 will have been paid in advance, i.e. before 23/11/2020. The amount of the difference for a rent reduction for the period from 23−30÷11÷2020 must be paid to the tenants or offset against any rent payments.

* Only applies if the tenancy for the apartment already existed before the law came into force on 23/02/2020. The upper rent limits apply to tenancies signed after 23/02/2020.

This result is not binding, because the calculation has been made based on the data you entered and does not, for example, result in any legal claim to having your rent fixed at this amount. We also recommend that you do not independently reduce your rent payment to this result. Please consider the result as an indication as to whether you are potentially entitled to a reduction or not.


Is the apartment…

  • publicly sponsored and subject to rent control or
  • an apartment of a recognised welfare service provider or
  • in a residential home or
  • in a new building, which was ready for occupancy for the first time from 01/01/2014 or
  • permanently uninhabitable and uninhabited former living space, which is being restored for residential purposes with an effort corresponding to new build, for example, a former abandoned building?

The Rental Cap Act does not apply in your case.

Details of the apartment

Please check the combination of house number and post code
Please choose the correct year in which the building was built

Details of the fitout and features


During the effective period of the Act Limiting Housing Rents in Berlin (MietenWoG Bln), tenants can increase rents by up to € 1.00 per square metre for the following measures (the rent is increased by the allocation for modernisation specifically claimed by the landlord).

Allowable modernisation measures:

  1. which the tenants are obliged to undertake by law,
  2. to thermally insulate the building envelope, the basement ceiling, the ceiling above the top storey or the roof,
  3. for the use of renewable energy,
  4. for window renewal to improve energy consumption,
  5. to replace heating systems with heating system optimisation,
  6. to build an outside lift or
  7. to remove barriers by removing thresholds, widening doors or modifying bathrooms.

Several modernisation measures are allowed, but the total amount of the increases must not exceed €1.00. In addition, the IBB must be notified of the increase beforehand.